Friday, June 27, 2008

"Tagged" Twice

So, I was tagged by Jenn last month and completely forgot about it until I was tagged by Andy yesterday. Now, I don't normally partake in these kinds of "chain" style activities. So, this chain will end with me and no one will lose a foot or a leg or a hug or anything. I don't promise enlightenment or even entertainment, but here goes:

Jenn's "Tagged" List:

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Hmmm, ten years ago, June 1998. Joey was 6 and Sammy was 4, my guess is I was desperately trying to figure out what summer camps to enroll the kids in in order to maintain my sanity.

5 things on my to do list today:
-Get to work before noon
-Water the flower pots... its supposed to be near 100 degrees this weekend, yikes!
-Clean our home office
-Figure out a way to use all the leftovers from last night's dinner
-Plan some kind of summer getaway

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Set up trust funds for my kids, set up a charitable trust, pay off our bills, hire a personal trainer/chef (like Oprah) to make all my meals and follow me around making sure I exercise...

Bad habits:
Eating too much and exercising too little. Talking too much. Ordering people around. Yelling at Michael too much and making him get me food late at night. Going to bed too late and getting up too late in the morning. Watching too much TV (gee, I think I'll just stop here, this could go on forever).

Places I've lived:
Mesa & Tempe, Arizona; Kyoto, Japan; West Linn, Oregon; San Diego, California; Vancouver, Washington; and Portland, Oregon.

Jobs I've had (in chronological order):
Cashier/Donut Maker
Accounting Clerk
Administrative Assistant at a trucking company
Cashier/Yogurt Shop
Receptionist/Runner for Commercial Photograher
English Teacher in Japan
Sales Clerk/Book Store
Catering Associate at San Diego Marriott
Administrative Assistant to two Epidemiologists at UCSD
Sales Clerk/Assistant Manager at Imaginarium Toy Store
Self employed Bookkeeper
Fundraising Volunteer/Auction Coordinator
Operations/Human Resources Manager

Andy's "Tagged" List:

3 Joys
-my family & pets
-digital video recording (DVR/Tivo used to
tape my favorite TV shows and then fast forward
through commercials, or pause a show at any
time, its the coolest!)

3 Fears
-water where I cannot see the bottom
-my kids driving

3 Goals
-be healthy
-be financially prepared for my kids college years (2 year count down starts now)
-travel more (very difficult considering 2nd goal)

3 Current Obsessions
-certain reality TV shows (like Hell's Kitchen & HGTV's Next Design Star)
-almost anything chocolate (is always an obsession, not just currently)

3 Surprises
-I have "special" voices for my animals
-I'm in love with David Duchovny (even before Californication)
-I quit my job every day, but my boss keeps making me go back :-(


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
I DO NOT think you talk too much. I love all of your stories. It's hard to believe you (we) are old enough to think back ten years, of course we were thinking about the kids. Isn't that when Joey was still running around in his Batman costume? Remember when Sammy fell into the fountain at A Place To Eat chasing the ducks? Fun times.
Now they are backpacking, rocking out and travelling the world. that's what we'll be remembering in ten more years. Yikes!
Love, Dana

worker bee said...

help I am held prisoner by in factory. Someone rescue me.

kjlubitz said...

Dear "worker bee":
held prisoner by who? I think it would have been more appropriate if you had said, help I am being held prisoner by Kari and Andy in a beautiful corner office on the 15th floor of the Fox Tower with luxurious new furniture and beautiful leather chairs because I refuse to follow protocol... but that's just my opinion...

Andy said...

Don't forget the Wii Kari; worker bee has a wee which I'm sure hasn't gone unnoticed.

Enjoyed your post and I promise I will never tag you or let myself ever fall victim of a tag again.

kjlubitz said...

Hey Andy, the "tagged" thing wasn't so bad. "Worker bee" thinks he is funny, but we know the truth! Right now "worker bee" is doing Wii Fit trying to reduce his age down from 66. Ha!

Betsy said...

I was a little confused about who the worker bee was... Tom? Byron? Michael? The Wii fit age of 66 gave it away though.

kjlubitz said...

Somehow "worker bee" got his age down to 36! What! and he lost 5 pounds! Life just doesn't seem fair sometimes. Mine went from 52 to 53 :-(

Cole said...

I want to play Wii at work!!! Do you think the governmwnt would be okay with that?

kjlubitz said...

Nicole: you might want to check with Byron, I believe that is why he left the government to go to work for GTT...

Byron said...

No Wii for government workers. They make you go outside and play actual sports during your lunch. LAME!