Saturday, June 7, 2008

So Proud of Sam

Japanese Ronald McDonald looks
eerily like American Ronald McDonald,
maybe a little skinnier?

Sammy has not officially been promoted from 8th Grade into High School yet, that will happen next Tuesday night, but he is pretty much officially finished with Middle School. This past Thursday night, Sammy's 8th grade Japanese Immersion Program class got up in front of hundreds of people to speak in both English and Japanese about all the life changing events they experienced this past April/May on their curriculum based trip to Hiroshima and Santo Japan. The presentation ceremony is called "Omiyage Banashi" which loosely translated means "Gift Speech". First, they had to use pretty much all of the subjects they have been taught in school in order to finish a presentation piece. All the presentation pieces were on display Thursday night. Then, all the students got up individually to speak about their experiences. Sammy was the first of the whole class to get up in front of the crowd and he did a great job. He was witty, confident and composed. We are very proud of him.

Sammy in Hiroshima, Japan with WWII Peace Park in background
April 2008

Sammy Practicing his Taiko drumming in Japan

Sam with his presentation piece.

Sammy giving his speech.


Sarah said...

Good job Sammy! I would have loved to see it!

Dana said...

Way to go Sammy! I am sorry I missed your presentation but Liat was graduating at the same time. You'll have to give us a private performance. Congratulations to your parents and you on your middle school graduation. Here's to a whole new adventure in high school.
Love, Dana (and all the rest of the Melnicks)