Saturday, June 21, 2008

Our New Obsession

So, last week for Father's Day I went looking for the Wii Fit game that Michael has been longing for... I just didn't realize the game is sold out all over the place. So, I was forced to go online and purchase the thing at a slight premium and not have it available for Michael on Father's Day :-(

In the meantime, we bought Michael "Guitar Hero" for the Wii which Michael and Sammy had to take back to the store because something was broken. When returning Guitar Hero, they decided they wanted "Rock Band" for XBox instead. Whatever! So, last week our new obsession was Rock Band... Michael was the drummer, Sammy was the guitar player and I was the singer (ha, ha, ha). It is quite fun (no pictures since we were all playing the game--you might notice Joey is missing from this story... he has been biking in the Redwoods and backpacking in Hell's Canyon for the past week and half).

So, the Wii Fit game arrived yesterday. Woo hoo! Its actually pretty fun.

You no longer have control over how skinny your Mii is....
once you stand on the board, it weighs you, takes down height,
age, etc... and then readjusts how chubby your Mii is... and
gives you a new age. This is actually not one of the fun parts
of the game. Michael is currently 66 (44), Sammy is 24 (14), and I am 52 (45)
Actual age in parentheses.

Michael is jogging... the jogging path is quite lovely
with waterfalls, rock formations, etc....
There are a couple of frustrating things though... for instance,
they make you follow behind someone and you cannot pass them.
While I was "jogging" along behind my leader, Andy's Mii character
passed me on his way up the trail and then passed me AGAIN on his
way back before I had even made it once! Even my Mom's gray haired
Mii character ran by me. Also, when I was doing the step up aerobics,
Danny's Mii character was on one side of me and Andy's on the other
(you have no control over this by the way) and I think they were
both laughing at me (do I sound paranoid? I am not really
fond of computer generated people that you don't have control over,
Sims immediately comes to mind).

Now, you don't really have control over what your Mii
people are doing when they are just standing around. I
think it is kind of eery how when I was taking this picture,
Michael's Mii was "pretending" like he is the master of Yoga
with great balance and I am yacking away at Sammy who
is just standing there listening--oddly realistic.

Anyway, I got my 30 minutes of exercise in today on the Wii and I
was sweating, like crazy, so I am counting it! Yes!


Andy said...

It couldn't have been my character lapping you. You most likely saw me taking a nap by the waterfall.

kjlubitz said...

No, it was definitely you... I know, since I made your character. It felt very lonely with only the four of us wandering around as a Mii parade, so I made a bunch of family members that now show up all over the place. Yours is the guy with the stocking cap and facial hair. I still think my Mii Byron looks more like Byron than his Mii character does. Now I need to go back and play a different game and see if my regular Mii character is super chubby and huffing and puffing around--I suspect it will be :-(

Blackberry Bratt said... need to invite us over to play both games! Sounds like so much fun! Did you make a Wii Bridget? Ha ha ha. Oh, and we need to find out what ya'll are doing for the 4th? Do you normally get together with your mom and Tiff? I think we should all (Tom's family included) do something...if you don't already have plans....

kjlubitz said...

Jenn, official invitation for this Thursday night to play games when Andy is in town... this is kind of a weird place to put out an official invitation, so I guess this is the unofficial one--I'll do something fancier for the official invite, like email you... hee, hee.

We will be out of town on the 4th, unfortunately, because you can see the Oaks Park fireworks from our deck... maybe you guys should come hang out at our house while we are gone!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
You know what they say, The family that plays, or in this case runs, together...This looks very fun. If you put me in there will it do my exercising for me? There should be some payoff for having to put in such delicate information. Keep running. It sounds a lot more fun than the treadmill.
Love, Dana

kjlubitz said...

Hey Dana, It is definitely more fun than running on the treadmill. There are also balance exercises, yoga, aerobics, etc... I think Michael's advanced age is due to his lack of balance :-). It asked if he tripped a lot. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to understand what the game wants you to do and if you take too long understanding, it gives you a rating of "couch potato". As you know, I kind of like being a couch potato.