Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only the Good Times...

It has been an interesting year.
I had really high hopes for 2010. It just had a nice ring to it. Ever since the kids started school, Joey has been in the class of 2010 and Sammy the class of 2012. I think I had been waiting for 2010, anticipating the most wonderful year. Then 2010 brought illness and death and a really weird battle with Lily's doggie daycare? Okay, maybe that last one should not really make my really bad list, but I have cursed 2010 more than a few times.

I haven't written in my blog for a while, or read any blogs for a while. I haven't taken any pictures for a while. Actually, the last few months have been difficult. I like to do a good-bye to the old year, hello to the new year post. This year I have been dreading this post. I thought perhaps I would not do an end of year post. Or any more posts. But then I thought, what the heck. My life has not come to an end.

Instead, I am just going to list out all the wonderful and enjoyable things about 2010. All the things I am really really thankful for--things that made me happy. That's it. Here goes (in chronological order, sort of):

Joey's PNCA art awardsA recuperative trip to Bainbridge Island with Michael and Lily Watching Joey and Sammy head out to their "Sadie Hawkin's Style Winter Formal"Sammy's Basketball GamesNew changes at work that made my life a whole lot easierThe excitement of harvesting chard, kale, onions & garlic from our winter gardenVisiting Boston & Maine with JoeyMaking all kinds of delicious recipes with our CSA harvestsA fun trip to Las Vegas with the Lubitz FamilySammy's Baseball GamesSharing in the JOY of Joey's college decisionVisiting the La Finquita del Buho farm every weekJoey's graduation from 13 years of Temple Beth Israel Religious SchoolFinally getting Nana's '66 T-Bird back from the mechanicJoey's prom, high school graduation & all-night partyWelcoming Michael home from his many domestic and International business tripsBringing home Sammy's beautiful bench he made for me in wood shopSTRAIGHT hair!Planting our raspberry and strawberry beds LA Trip celebrating our 21st AnniversarySeeing Aunt Amy after all these yearsCamping with the GodseysA fantastic trip to New Orleans, Savannah & CharlestonBeing happy about leaving Joey in Oberlin (it just felt right)Welcoming Sammy home from his 5th trip to Japan (we missed him so)The great farm canning partyGrammy & Grampy's 40th anniversary partyMichael's birthday trip to Kauaiand finally, welcoming Joey home after 111 days away!

Now that is a lot to be happy about!
It seems my family, the farm and travel are really pretty darn important to me, but I actually knew that without doing this post.
Welcome 2011, I've been waiting for you....