Friday, June 27, 2008

Joey's Excursions

Recently Joey spent some time biking in the Redwoods and backpacking in Hell's Canyon. Here are some photos:

Biking in the Redwoods
June 12-15, 2008

Joey is the one bending over with his underwear showing

Northern California Coast
Joey in the middle with the white short shorts and
plaid shirt, beached whale to the far right

Joey in the middle, no helmet, pink shirt

Backpacking in Hell's Canyon
June 16-21, 2008

Jasmine, Irene & Joey

No tent required.... Joey on the left.

Joey on the left... desperately in need of a shower!


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
What a great trip he had and the pictures came out perfect. Our kids have the best experiences. I didn't start doing any of that until much older. Maybe I'll learn how to post all of these things while Liat is doing her gap year. I'm looking forward to more.
Love, Dana

Andy said...

The last pic in the Redwoods section is really cool.

Who planned this? Was it part of his school or just his buddies. Looks like a lot of fun. Maybe Joey will be able to participate in a "Man Trip" someday.

kjlubitz said...

The trip was through his school. They have an outdoor program with 2-3 full time staff. They are big into sports, exercise and the outdoors. From Joey's account of the trips, you probably would have loved both of them. The Redwood and coastal area of N. California is beautiful no matter how you see it. The backpacking trip was apparently quite intense with the first day starting at 7am and including a 9 hour bus ride, then a 4 hour hike (with 45-50 lb. packs). In that 4 hours they gained 3000 feet in elevation and then had to set up camp! They all came back with major blisters, but all said they loved it!