Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Sibling Chronicles, Chapter One

Yay, we finally got a sunny day in Portland with a temperature above 70 degrees. Ahhh, the little things. So I have two sisters with birthdays this week. Happy Birthday Jill, yesterday and Sarah, this Sunday. As a Mom, its kind of a bummer to have your birthday on Father's Day because then you have to share (I mean, who gets breakfast in bed, the birthday Mom or the father's day Dad...?) hmmm. Thank goodness this only happens once in a while. So, I am starting a series of blogs about my siblings--all 10 of them! So, you can see why I am doing a series. All at once would overwhelm anyone. Lots of photos, hope you enjoy!

And, sibling numero cinco, cinq, go... number five, of course (not literally #5 in the Godsey family order, but #5 in the order of ALL my siblings--don't worry Dana, I won't test you on this later)

Jilly (aka Jill Marie Godsey)
Jill was (and is) cute and sweet. For years Jill walked in the shadow of her big sister Kim. Kim having the more, shall I say assertive personality for the first few years of their lives. Jill went right along (Joey and Sammy would follow this same pattern years later).
Then, I was pleasantly surprised to see Jill blossom later on, especially in high school,
no longer willing to be seen and not heard.
If I remember, this may have been somewhat difficult on her Mother,
but all things pass and this did too.
Jill now, with her beautiful family....

and Jill then

1974, Jill turns one!

1975 Godsey Family Photo
(Just a side note: Kim is wearing a hand-made, hand-me-down,
from Tiff, lovingly made by Karen -- you want proof, you say... )

Well, here's the proof, we all had them, and loved them.
Karen's dress shouts... 1972!

So much fun to have siblings. This was about the age when I would drive on over to the house from my dorm at ASU (and bring my dirty laundry with me, of course) and Jill would come out of the house, arms crossed and say "... so you here to do your laundry, again!"
(Sometimes the truth hurts)

And then there is sibling number seven

Sarah Jane Godsey Franchi
Sarah was one of the three Godsey siblings born at Hood River Memorial Hospital. If I'm not mistaken, Sarah was also one of the Godsey girls almost born on the way to the hospital (I believe Jill was the other). Sarah was ready to greet her siblings and getting to the hospital was no concern of hers. She always was very social. As a matter of fact, no matter what you were doing, or where you were going, Sarah wanted to go with, and she was, and is, so lovable and compassionate--always concerned for the well being of everyone and everything.

Not sure whose birthday it is, but since we know Sarah was born the middle of June and that is baby Sarah there that I am "sort of" holding, my guess is it is Tiff's August birthday and I just know what I am thinking... Byron, don't fool around too much there and knock yourself right off that chair. (I am still that OCD older sister)

Those eyes, those big round eyes!

I am particularly fond of bathtub pictures and who could beat that smile!

One of Tiff's favorite photos... Sarah, the thinker.

The back of this one is signed by Dad "Little Big Shot"
I think I would call it Little Princess without her shoes.

Sarah and little Madeline! Happy Wedding Day....

and Happy Birthday Y'All


Dana said...

I have to say that I'm honored to be named in your blog, even if it was in parentheses. As you know I love hearing all of your stories and now reading them adds another layer to everything. The pictures are just the icing on the cake. I'm looking forward to hearing (and seeing)about the rest of you.
Happy birthday everyone.
Love, Dana
PS: I'm so glad there isn't a test at the end.

Sarah said...

Kari...thanks so much for the post! I love hearing your memories of when we were little. You have an amazing memory! And birthday on Fathers day...not very fun. Although we have decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday. Thanks so much for the kind words! Love you!

Lindsay B said...

Oh my goodness, I am enjoying this so much. And I'm amazed at how much Sophie and Madeline look exactly like their mothers as kids!