Friday, June 27, 2008

Game Night

So, Andy's request to come over and check out "Rockband" while he was in town turned into a really fun Game Night for everyone. I'll keep the words short and the pictures long, because the pictures really tell the story... and "some people" don't read anyway (and I'm not talking about Bridget and Logan, Andy!).
Michael and Logan having fun with the Brio Trains

I noticed it is very difficult to get a picture
of Logan and Bridget both looking at the camera
at the same time...

so, I took two pictures

Bridget and Logan skiing the Wii slaloms...
does two little people make one big person,
well, sort of.
The Wii was smart enough to comment that Jenn's
Mii weight was significantly different from when
she started, but it didn't say anything about her
having four feet.

Jenn and Bridget skiing together

Justin and Jenn rockin out to Rockband

That is one crazy looking band...

Helpful Uncle Andy--Bridget loves
holding the controller and I'm sure one
day very soon she'll figure out how
to use it.

Justin drumming... I can't believe I did not
get a picture of Tom singing--I hear he rocks it,
and he sure looks the part here, eh?

I didn't know drummers could be this cute!

Byron, Sammy & Shannon rockin out... or
are they? Can you do Rockband without
looking at the monitor, hmmm?

Drummer in training

Logan getting in one last exercise on the Wii...
Michael already on his cell phone, the party's over!

Until Next Time.....


Andy said...

That was fast! It took you like 45 minutes to get these posted. Very impressive.

That was a lot of fun. Food, games, everything... great party. Thanks for having everyone over. I'm sure Lindsay will be jealous.

Sarah said...

I'm jealous! Looks like a great party!

Dana said...

Dear Kari,
I'm jealous too and I'm not even in the family (officially). It's been a long time since we've seen those brio trains. Looks like fun and what a great way to get the family together. I especially loved seeing Sammy rocking out. And those little ones...those were the days.
Love, Dana

Blackberry Bratt said...

Yay! I had a great time too. Thanks for putting it together. Ok, so who's place next month and what day of the week should be schedule it?

Cole said...

Yo uahve to bring it up for Girl's night at my place!!!!! That would be such a blast! If you can pry it out tof the boy's hands....

kjlubitz said...

Andy--and I cleaned the kitchen before posting!

Sarah--wish you were there too, even just a portion of the family is a lot of people, phew!

Dana--It was fun getting the trains out for the little ones, if not a little overwhelming... I forgot how many we have (trains, that is)

Jenn--Tell us where and when and we'll be there... we can do our house again, maybe not tomorrow, but next month will work. I can't believe both our kids actually showed up!

Nicole--I'll see what I can do, both the Wii and Rockband are lots of fun... I guess as long as Sammy can play his Grand Theft Auto IV (I know, I know, bad parenting) he'll be fine!

Betsy said...

I think Rockband if officially my favorite video game now.

Thanks for hosting the party and for digging out those trains for Logan. He loved it!