Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Love My Pets

So, after I was done with my marathon Father's Day post last night, I turned around and there were all three of our pets just sitting there looking at me. No doubt they had been there the whole time. I just love animals....

Tinkerbell "Stinky" Lubitz in her little plaid house
(she loves sleeping in her carrying case)

Chloe prefers people furniture

And Kelsey, the big Golden Retriever prefers to
be right under your feet, just in case you might
want to go somewhere, you would have to step
on her first, thus alerting her you are going somewhere!


Anonymous said...

Talk about unconditional love. From one "zoo keeper" to another.
Love, me xoxo

kjlubitz said...

Thanks anonymous... I know who you are :-)