Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yep, I changed it...

Yeah, I just changed the name of my blog.
Its that crazy, end of summer, can't wait for the kids to go back to school kinda feeling.
We were gone this summer for the better part of six weeks.
I have a garden that is running amuck.
I have cats that forgot how to use their litter box.
We spend more on doggie daycare than we spent on baby daycare.
A year from now I will have a kid going off to college.
My youngest child is almost 16 years old and can't seem to remember to follow the rules. There is no such thing as 'Leave it to Beaver' parenting.

I have the sinking feeling life will become more complicated before it becomes less complicated.
I want my life to become less complicated.

In honor of my new blog title, I am posting possibly the worst family photo ever taken of us... and in front of Mt. Vesuvius no less. My favorite is Joey, he is trying really really hard to keep his eyes open in the ridiculously bright sunlight off the coast of Naples.


Betsy said...

Very nice picture. :)

Take a deep breath. Summer is almost over. It has to get better in the fall, right?

I am slowly catching up on all of your vacation posts. I love all the pictures and your stories. I still have a few more to read.

kjlubitz said...

You know Betsy, every year I think... yay, Fall. And then guess what, we have birthdays one right after another and then back to school nights and now college info nights and the college application process and gee, I guess I should just sit back and enjoy it because it will all be gone in a flash.

Oh, and by the way, just because you are "officially old" now, I don't think you should stop blogging... I am sitting here blogging like crazy waiting for your next post :). Oh, and now that your back is better (right?) maybe we should take a photography class together???