Monday, August 24, 2009

Heceta Head

This morning I started going through the mail that had arrived this past week while we were at the Oregon Coast and the latest addition of 'VIA', the AAA travel magazine arrived. The cover story is: "Beautiful Beacons of the Pacific Coast, Lighthouses" and of course, Heceta Head is prominently displayed.
Gee, I wish I was the photographer who got this story!


Lindsay said...

Awesome! That is a beautiful shot! Its kind of the last few months people have been telling us they've seen travel articles featuring Yachats in their local papers. They even did a piece in the Salt Lake Tribune just a few weeks ago. We must be trend setters!!

Anyway, I should totally get ready now...but I'm addicted to seeing what people are saying about their vacations and the wedding!

kjlubitz said...

Yeah, my Mother-in-Law just saw an article in the LA Times a couple weeks ago highlighting the area.

I tagged you in the pictures I took at the rehearsal. They are not great, but you guys look wonderful, of course!