Sunday, August 23, 2009

Devil's Churn

Our final full day in Yachats was the most relaxing of all. Since earlier in the week we had been working from our adorable little "Ocean Dream" office away from home, and then I had been planning, shopping and prepping for salads for 80 ppl. Saturday actually turned into a stress-free, work-free and blue sky filled day in Yachats and the surrounding area.

First we decided to try Heidi's for lunch. A restaurant highly recommended by an LA Times travel writer. Heidi's has "Homemade Food & Italian Specialties". Whatever you want to call it, everything we ordered was delicious!

Above is Joey's imported Italian Espresso Drink and below is the amazing crab melt that both Sammy and I ordered. So rich and delicious and smothered in Tillamook cheddar cheese, well, I cannot even begin to describe how amazing it was....

Sammy definitely agreed with me:
Joey ordered the fresh albacore tuna sandwich. Yum!

and Michael ordered the Italian Philly sandwich with both fresh mozzarella and provolone cheese plus big fresh juicy tomatoes and tons of meaty goodness....
Below: Grandma Karen and Papa Skip showed up at the end of our meal and ordered themselves a crab melt and albacore tuna sandwich. Papa Skip loves a good crab melt!

Below: bumper sticker on an old pick up truck at the local thrift store from another "restaurant" we had tried earlier in the week: Outta Gas pizza. Supposedly a delivery only kinda place, we showed up at the actual location where two middle aged guys were making pizzas. There was no menu, no prices, just a little chalk board with some ingredients on it. They only have one size pizza and it takes 45 minutes to prepare? So, we ordered our pizza and went back home to wait for delivery. An hour later our pizza was delivered (our house is literally 2 minutes from the old gas station turned delivery only pizza joint). The pizza was good with excellent toppings, however, the one size is definitely enough to feed four people and with just the two of us... and so many dining options in Yachats still to explore... let's just say--some pizza went to waste.

Anyway, enough about food... the next stop of the day was Devil's Churn State Park just down the road from our rental house. It is a beautiful place where dangerously aggressive waves crash against rocks and produce large spouts of water, continuously--non stop. There is a very safe path way that leads down... about halfway it splits off and to the right (north) is the scary, rocky, watch out or you will get really wet (or worse), side and to the left (south) is the tidepool/beach area. Equally as beautiful, but not nearly as dangerous.
Pathway down to the churn...

We could have spent hours here, but alas, we were out of time. Obviously it was gonna take more than a few minutes to get my hair presentable for the wedding.
Oh, and here is Nemo, our faithful antenna pet. He really gets around. This past month alone he has been up and down the Oregon and Washington Coasts from Heceta Head, Oregon to the South... up Hwy. 101 through Oregon and along the Washington Coast, through the Olympic Peninsula and all the way up to Port Townsend, Washington. Just in the past 15 days actually. Wow. Obviously he likes to stay pretty close to the ocean, and we oblige.

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