Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Year in Review

We have already said good-bye to 2008 and here's
a little recap of why it was a pretty great year:
In January, we spent a long weekend in Los Angeles with Michael's Parents
In February, Michael and I spent Valentine's Day in London. Michael is window shopping at the Portobello Road Street Market
In March, Sammy's baseball season officially started. During spring break we took it easy and spent a few days at the Oregon Coast.
In April, Sammy's 8th grade class spent two weeks in Japan. Sammy is looking upside down at the Amanohashidate bridge. If you look at it upside down, it looks like it is a bridge to the heavens. Michael was also in Japan at the same time as Sammy, for business.
In May, Joey attended his first prom with his girlfriend Julia. The boys also made their annual trek to the Sasquatch Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington State.
In June, Joey did back to back outdoor trips with his school. The first a biking trip through the Redwoods which returned to school at approx. 7pm on a Sunday night and then he turned around and left at 7am the next morning for a grueling five day backpacking trip to Hell's Canyon. Sammy also graduated from the 8th grade in June.
For 4th of July weekend, we visited with the Lubitz & Bloch families in Bellevue, WA. This picture is taken at Snoqualmie Falls Lodge where we had brunch on Sunday. Michael is not in the picture because he had already left for a business trip to London and Paris.
August was dedicated to mourning for the passage of our Golden Retriever Kelsey and then celebration of the new addition to our family: Lily. Sammy and I also took a road trip to Salt Lake City to visit Uncle Andy and Lindsay and drop off some furniture to the new GTT-SLC office (no pictures for some reason).
In September, we celebrated a bountiful harvest from our garden. Sammy started high school and both boys are back at the same school again, yippee!
In October, Joey and Sammy went on a school rafting trip and Michael and I celebrated Michael's 45th birthday in San Diego, CA. We also harvested the pumpkins from our garden and had a party.
In November we took an extended Thanksgiving Break vacation to London and Scotland.

And in December, we got snowed in!

Cheers to a fantastic 2009 for everyone!

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Lindsay B said...

Great post Kari! I love how you went through each month...I wish I'd done that on my end of year post.