Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do you believe in Karma?

On New Year's Day Michael, Sammy and I decided to go see a movie: Apple - Movie Trailers - Slumdog Millionaire. It was an amazingly good feeling that we could just drive out of our driveway with almost no snow in sight. We headed on down to Fox Tower Cinemas which is pretty close to our house and since we work in the Fox Tower, we pay for parking anyway, so we might as well take advantage of it on the weekend too. For some reason the excruciatingly expensive Fox Tower Cinemas was swamped (who knew everyone in Portland went downtown to a movie at 5pm on New Years Day?). At about 4:55pm we arrive for a 5:20pm show. For the first time in my experience, there is a LINE at this theater, and for our movie. Now, this movie came out well over a month ago and its not like its Harry Potter or anything. We got in line, but the theaters are super small at the Fox Tower so I knew it was going to be tough to find three seats together with as far back in the line as we were. We entered the theater and as people were scurrying to their seats I saw a row towards the back that had four seats left. We graciously made our way up to the top, patiently waiting behind, hmm, hmm older folks trying to get seated. We politely make our way past a couple at the end of the aisle and just as I am about to sit down, a guy and his girlfriend jump the seats and hurriedly sit down in two of the four seats. I say, excuse me, but we have three people and we were here first and we came in the proper way--and he looks me in the face and says: "since we are actually sitting in the seats, obviously we got here first" and then he looks away. His girlfriend actually did look mortified, but he looked rather pleased with himself. By the time this altercation ended, there were only single seats left throughout the theater--and the front row, of course. So, we exited the row and the theater and did not see the movie. We did not end up seeing a movie that day.

So, I have to be honest, a little piece of me is hoping some bad will come to that "guy"-- I actually wished some bad Karma his way... is that wrong?

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agent of creatures said...

As agent of creatures we definitely believe in Karma. BTW the squirrel tells me he has wished some karma your way and that he has plenty of nuts stashed away for the winter