Friday, January 16, 2009

Sibling Chronicles: Chapter Five

Wow, first a bit of a preface and an apology to siblings that got their posts early on. The longer I do this, the more pictures I find. Plus Kim is the oldest of the Karen and Loy Godsey clan, and the oldest always has more pictures to choose from, it's just the way it is.

I am really excited that I am nearing the end of my sibling chronicles... Of my ten siblings, I am on the countdown from three down to one and, yes, Kim is my 3rd sibling.

Born, February 25, 1972, Kimberly Godsey Williams has no middle name, so for a while she did go by Kim Berly Godsey.

Kim was born at Woodland Park Hospital and at the time, children were not allowed to visit the maternity ward for fear of passing on all kinds of nasty germs to new babies and new mommies. So, since the hospital is all on one level (or the maternity ward is on the ground level, I can't remember), we walked around the building and found Karen's room and then Dad lifted me and Tiff up so we could see in and wave to Karen and see our new baby sister--and she was a cutie.
Kim at four months. They have really improved on the binky designs since 1972.
These old family photos are classics. Everyone in the photo seems to be looking at the same photographer, except Dad.
And, the bathtub shot
My favorite memories of Kim as a baby definitely included lots of curls and lots of cloth diapers. I don't believe disposable diapers were mainstream when Kim was born... and so with all her cumbersome cloth diapers she waddled around everywhere.

These two photos were taken on Kim's first birthday
Here it is. Way back on May 6th, I posted a picture to my blog of me making cookies at Nana and Papa's house and I promised a picture of Kim sitting on the stairs, looks like she is even wearing Papa's fishing hat
Buffy was not that big of a dog, but he sure looks like it in this picture. That green chair really shows up in a lot of family pictures.... does it still exist?

Jill, Kim and Baby Byron at the trailer on Jim and Mary Jane's property. How can I tell? Why orange shag carpet and orange and white poly drapes, that's how. Gotta love the 70's.

Christmas celebration at the Church House. Kim does not look very happy about being on Santa's lap.
Kim is a great big sister to her six younger siblings. As previously posted, Kim did dominate Jill some when they were little, but when Kim got older, she adored her siblings and spent a great deal of time nurturing them. The back of this picture reads: "Kim is sleepy, Andy is hungry"

Kim and Joe on their wedding day.
Kim, Joe & Jake Williams. A pretty special
little family of three.


Kim Williams said...

I don't think I have that many pictures of myself as a kid! Thanks for the post!

kjlubitz said...

And I really had to pick and choose. There were a lot of pictures that didn't make the cut. All cute.