Friday, January 30, 2009

What's Hot

I had this random desire to do my own What's Hot/What's Not List:

3/4 Length Sleeves (my arms are really short)
David Duchovny (I still love him even after his stint in sex rehab)
Criminal Minds (TV Show, not literally)
Cruise to Greece

Skinny Jeans (because I'm not)
Rush Limbaugh (he was never hot)
American Idol (just bored with it)
Snow in Portland


Betsy said...

Oh, I love Criminal Minds (although I won't watch it if Tom isn't home). I also like American Idol, though.

kjlubitz said...

Yeah, this is clearly just my "hot/not" list. I watched the last three seasons of American Idol all the way through. I have now become really annoyed with the auditions and am still contemplating whether or not to watch once they are in LA. I think I am just bored with it. Criminal minds can get quite disturbing and I wasn't sure I was going to like it after Mandy Patinkin left, but I still do. I especially like the Spencer character. See, its true, I am obsessed with TV.

Cole said...

Does any one remember Profiler? LOVED that one! It used to freak me out a little bit, but my mom was usually sitting by my side watching with me.

And I HATE skinny jeans too. Skinny jeans + big feet = walking, talking, clown!

Kim Williams said...

I don't know about skinny jeans, but long and lean from the Gap are my new favorite. I tried on around 15 pairs of jeans till I gave in and tried those. I am far from long and lean but I love the jeans.

kjlubitz said...

Long and Lean are nice, easy fitting jeans with a little flair at the bottom, if I'm not mistaken. Skinny jeans are skin tight all the way down the leg, tight fitting around the ankles. Something that would never look good on me, therefore, not hot :-)