Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We hardly ever get measurable snow in Portland, so today's storm is cause for celebration... at least for now.

I will be fine as long as we don't lose power, as long as the kids go back to school some time soon and as long as no one slips and breaks anything because I don't know how we would get to the hospital.

Please let me go out and play in the snow, please....
Figs that never ripened look mighty pretty
in the snow
Lily just LOVES the snow...
I kinda knew she would since she spent
the entire summer in front of the
air conditioning vent
Lily turned 6 months old yesterday and has
yet to get her full coat, but that doesn't seem
to be bothering her...

No Joey, don't make me go in the house

Our winter wonderland at night


Betsy said...

Thank goodness Portland doesn't get a ton of snow. Your house would not be very easy to get to and from with slippery roads.

Lily looks so big!

kjlubitz said...

Yes, our street is treacherous... which is nice for a day or so, then we start getting stir crazy.

Lily is up to about 50 pounds now... we're hoping she tops out at no more than 70 pounds, but her paws are rather large. She is begging to go outside, but no one wants to take her out because it is so cold.