Monday, December 22, 2008

Stir Crazy

Okay. I am officially sick of snow. I woke up this morning to more snow. It has continued to snow today. It is after 4pm and has not gone above 25 degrees. I am bored and so taking pictures has become the next best thing to going insane.

We tried to get the Volvo out of here today, but the snow was just too deep outside the garage door. Captain Geo came to our rescue by taking his big chained-up Tahoe to the nearest Napa Auto Parts store and then bringing us chains for the Volvo. He even put them on for us. Thanks Grampy. Thanks Grammy for coming with him and drinking coffee with Joey.

So, here are some highlights from mine
and Lily's adventurous hike around the house:

Well, first thing this morning Sammy
brought in a huge icicle for Lily to enjoy.
Doggie Palooza... Riley, Luke (the neighbor's Golden
Puppy that is four days younger than Lily) and Lily, of course
Lily getting the best of Luke
Sophie, the neighbor's Cocker...
She is very shy
Joey taking a brief moment to come
outside and see what all the ruckus was
Luke loves Gatorade bottles
Ice Figs (apparently I cannot resist
taking pictures of the figs, every day)
Newest picture of the house
Lily taking advantage of the Tahoe tracks
The deck
More Lily, I can't resist
Ice fence
Snow Berries
Lily forging a new path in the back yard
Bell Bottom Ice Pants, the latest fashion
A nice hearty high carb snow breakfast.


Sarah said...

Great pics Kari!I am with you...the snow is getting very annoying!!! Not to mention I still have shopping to do. I have to get out of the house toaday!

kjlubitz said...

Sarah, I hope you made it out--we did. We proceeded to go to the grocery store and buy hundreds of dollars worth of food and then I headed downtown to drop Michael and Sammy for a Blazers game while I did some replacement shopping. None of my packages made it and I don't expect them to show up until after Christmas. Freedom! I can't believe how good it feels.