Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Shopping

The weather forecasters were right
for a change. They predicted a snow
storm and we got a snow storm. So
what did Michael and I decide to do,
leave the house and go shopping. It
was fun and we weren't alone.
Downtown Portland was filled with
people. What a fun day.

Terwilliger Blvd.

The Max Train keeps running....

but the Benson Bubblers do not

Pioneer Courthouse Square
with the Fox Tower (and Nordstrom,
of course) in the background...
possibly you can see Michael's
office up on the 15th floor of the Fox Tower?

Broadway in the snow
looking North, a beautiful sight

Michael enjoying the snow

Virgin Snow on our street.... we arrived back
home from our holiday shopping to find out no
one had ventured out on our street, there was
at least 6-8 inches of untouched snow and still
snowing. Lovely!
darkness, snow flakes and flash photography

My Volvo is awesome... the kids had left the garage
open and an 18" snow drift had developed just
outside the garage... my car plowed through it
like butter. Woohoo!


Sarah said...

You guys are crazy! I wish I had the skill and confidence to drive in this mess outside....I still have shopping to do and have not been out since Friday. Looked like fun! :)

kjlubitz said...

Yes, we have been driving my Volvo every day since last Sunday... it did such a good job on the snow last Sunday, then the ice, then the slush, but now, I am afraid it has seen its match. As much as 8-12" of snow with ice on top will provide a day off for even the mightiest of Volvos. We did not take Byron's advice last week and go get chains (I hate putting on chains), so we will stay put until some of this melts.

Betsy said...

Great pictures Kari.