Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arctic Blast

Portland's Weather Widget is a new
one for me... I have not seen the "bouncing ice balls"
before. Funny.

The weather forecasters
have been calling our wintery
weather an "Arctic Blast" for
the past eight days. We have been
making fun of them... until
today. It finally does feel like
an Arctic Blast in Portland.
Friends in Minneapolis and
Salt Lake City should not make
fun of us... Portland is already
$1M over budget for its winter
road plowing, salting, etc... I say what road plowing? I have not seen one plowed street yet. We can see I-5 from our house and it is not even plowed. There is barely a car or truck in sight. I still have not heard any official reports on how much snow fell yesterday, but at our house, there is at least eight solid inches and there are drifts of up to two feet. Now there is a layer of ice covering everything. We will not be going anywhere today.
When I was a kid, I remember
ice storms and large branches would
break from the trees under the weight
of all the ice. Since most of the trees in
our yard are relatively young and small,
I am hoping this does not happen to them.
Our "terraced" front yard is
now just one big snow drift. No
sign anywhere of Danny's
beautiful brickwork.
The snow on the deck blew into big
drifts away from the house and has left
some very odd looking lumps.
I'm not sure if this is anything like crop circles,
but the snow on the picnic table is really freaky.
No one has touched it and there is nothing
on the table except that green pitcher?
Weird, I know!
The backyard is a winter
wonderland that only Lily is
brave enough to explore.

The drifts at the garage door are upwards of
two feet. Yesterday I sang the praises of my
awesome Volvo and then last night Michael
tried to take it out to the video store and got
stuck in the middle of the street. I had to
nix the trip to the store and bring the thing
back into the garage... three teenage boys
and a lot of shoveling was involved.
Next time: Michael does not drive the car in the snow.
One interesting benefit from the ice today...
we now have privacy windows where we
did not have them before.

So, we're loving the weather here
in Portland and yet at the same
time I am wondering if all my
online purchases will make it to
our house by Christmas.

How's the weather where you are?


Betsy said...

Those deck pictures are great. I should venture out and take some photos of our snow. Right outside our back door doesn't look bad at all... it just keeps getting deeper and deeper from there though.

kjlubitz said...

Yes, you should venture out and take some pictures... you are the master photographer. I actually barely stepped outside and some of them were taken from inside... gotta love the zoom lense for this.

Andy said...

I got home last night to clear weather which is exactly what I needed. It is supposed to snow here most of this week, but nothing unexpected when you live in the Rocky Mountains. They are so quick about plowing here that the only thing I worry about it black ice. I wonder when they over-budget Portland snow people will come plow I-5? That's crazy!

Kim Williams said...

I am ready for the snow to go away. It was fun for a while, but now I need to go to my soccer game tonight, go to silverdale to pick up a honey ham and get more stuff for holiday cookies. You don't realize how many hills are around you till there is packed down icy snow on them!

kjlubitz said...

Well, you know the old saying "Be careful what you wish for... " Well, after we got our chains on and working today and actually got off our street we did happen to run into a few plowed roads and so, yeah, it is pretty annoying driving in chains on a bare road. And why are some non-plowed roads so nice and packed down and easy to drive on while ours is a mountainous mess? What gives?