Monday, May 5, 2008

Sammy Returns Home

Another lovely spring day and more beautiful blooming trees. Today's post is dedicated to the validation of my blog and to the return of Sam the Man, our super second born.

Although Mom didn't comment in the usual way, she seemed to like my blog and expressed it in an email. I want to share her email, mainly because it adds to the background on the picture of Smokey posted yesterday:

That picture brings tears to my eyes. I remember when we got Smokey. We were talked into buying a fire alarm system. I don't know if you remember that or not, but it was given to you as a promotion gift by Sentry Alarm System if I remember the name correctly. I think about that bear a lot especially when we go to Skamania Lodge, since they have a little corner room for Smokey the Bear. If I ever see one for sale, I will probably buy him. What I don't remember very well is that picture. Smokey is the same age as I am currently, not for long though.

The car in the background is the teal green 1964 Dodge Polaris we had at the time. The picture looks like it may have been taken on the way to or from the coast, probably to Nana Fern's house. As far as creating messes, it seems to happen whenever you are doing something constructive. I can't believe that Joey is as old as he is, it makes me feel like I'm getting ancient and my mind and body are struggling to keep up with all that is going on. Keep the blogs coming, they are truly enjoyable. Dad and I were just going thru some pix when Joey was first born. Love always, Mom

What a cool thing that I can write a blog that makes me happy and someone else happy all at the same time. Even though my Mom is right across town, things get busy, life is complicated and I just don't call her as much as I should. Of course, as much as I talk, she is probably glad that I don't call her all the time.

Sammy then... Age 2

On with the blog... Sammy returned from his two week 8th grade trip to Japan today. It was Sammy's 4th trip to Japan and it sounds like he had a great time. There were 36 kids and 8 teachers/chaperones. They traveled to Hiroshima and then a rural town named Santo. Each child had a topic to research and for which they must compare and contrast America with Japan. They had to interview 30 Japanese people in Japanese. Each 8th grader will present their findings in an all school/community assembly next month. They get to use all of their school subjects when gathering and presenting their data. Hopefully, when we uncover Sammy's camera from the mound of stuff dumped in the famly room, we will uncover a treasure trove of pictures to share. In the meantime, here are a couple of shots of his return to PDX this afternoon:

Sammy now... Age 14 1/2, just off the plane from 2 weeks in Japan

We are so happy to have him back!


Sarah said...

What a great experience! You all look great in the pictures. Sammy sure is handsome!

kjlubitz said...

Yes, this Japan trip is one of the real highlights of their Japanese Immersion experience. I am glad we put them in this public school program, but now off to private school for high school. These pictures didn't turn out so great... I think I must have had the camera on the wrong setting for inside an airport. I need a photography lesson... Betsy....Andy...????