Saturday, May 3, 2008

A Prom Day in May...

Just today, I decided to start a blog. So, why a blog, why now... why a day in May? I have been reading and enjoying family member blogs recently. Mainly I love seeing the pictures of the little ones growing. My little ones, although still cute, are teenagers. Although I do want to share great pictures of them, I do not want to mark their growing any more as it merely marks how quickly they will be off to college.

Why May? It seemed like a good time. My birthday is this month which always makes me reminisce about years that have past and dream about years to come. I am sort of square in the middle of getting old. My kids are teenagers and I can remember being a teenager, feeling like a teenager. As my Mom points out, even she can remember being a teenager. Thank goodness for memories, but also for all the lessons you learn along the way so that although being 16 was sometimes fun, remembering being 16 and not having to relive it is almost always fun.

And speaking of being 16, Joey is 16 and today he is going to
his first prom. Julia, his girlfriend of almost a year, has her Junior
Prom tonight. Earlier today Joey got a haircut for the occasion
(maybe you are hearing a distant cheer from Grandma Lindy).
The haircut turned out pretty nice actually. I also threw in a picture
of Joey's first hair cut monitored by Aunt Tiffy circa 1992.

Although Julia has a Portland Youth Philharmonic Concert
before the prom (she plays the violin, beautifully) and therefore
cannot get dressed in her prom attire just yet,
Michael snapped a paparazzi style shot of the cute couple
off to grab a bite before the concert.

As I get older, I know memories will fade (already have as a matter of fact) and there are things I may want to remember and certainly memories of mine that I want to share with others, but mainly I want to share pictures of my favorite people and bits of information about each. Enter, the blog.

I anticipate a random order here.... my ramblings will be prompted by pictures, my favorite pictures, which always bring a smile to my face. So even if no one else ever views my blog, I will be viewing my blog--and smiling.

I wish I had more time to blog. But, I think, that makes the blog more special. I am choosing to blog instead of something else... and many of the something else's in my life aren't very fun... like cleaning Sammy's room before he returns from Japan. Or doing the laundry. Or sending another work email on a Saturday to Uncle Andy in Salt Lake City, even though Uncle Andy is off at a fun wedding, not that there is anything wrong with that.... when you are 26, weddings are common... when you are 44, not so much.


Andy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! It is such a great way to keep in touch. It was funny, I never realized how many people were looking at my blog until I went down to Arizona and all the cousins said they were waiting for me to update mine.

If you want, I'll add your link to my page so people can access your blog from mine.

kjlubitz said...

Hey Andy, thanks for the review. Yes, please add my link to your page. I am still trying to figure this out, but am enjoying the process.

Cole said...

Hey, fellow new blogger...Yeah, I'm still figuring it all out too. But it's so much easier than feeling bad when you get all these updates from friends about thier lives and families, now I can just post to my blog and evryone can update themselves...isn't the internet great?

kjlubitz said...

I agree, its a great way to find out what is going on with everyone... I love reading them all.

Sarah said...

I am so excited you are blogging now! I was just telling Betsy yesterday how Joey will forever be two and Sammy a baby to me. I just can't believe they are teenagers. I am excited to see updates about your family as I am awful at keeping up with everyone.

Blackberry Bratt said...

Yay! This is exciting...I really enjoyed reading your post and your thoughts. I know that we live close to eachother and I always love the conversations we have when we get together, but I feel like what I just read adds another layer to our friendship!

Dana Melnick said...

What a fun way to stay in touch. How we have evolved. We've gone from letter writing to email writing and now blog writing. I'm looking forward to reading them all.
Love, Dana