Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today was a lovely Mother's Day. Even though the day was cold and a bit rainy, I was able to share brunch with my Mom and also relax a bit--very nice. I also had time to find some of the pictures I have been searching for. This post is dedicated to my Mothers.

First, Michael's Mother: Linda Lee Garden Lubitz

Lindy & Kari, Japanese Gardens, Portland, October 2007

I don't have a lot of pictures of Lindy when she was younger, but I do have a couple of priceless family photos of the Lubitz Family

Lindy, Stuart, Michael, David & Debbie
Kiddyland, 1969?

David's Bar Mitzvah
Debbie, Stuart, David, Lindy & Michael, Los Angeles 1979

I met Lindy Thanksgiving 1984. I had been to the Lubitz House in LA once before, Spring Break 1984, but Lindy was not home. During that Thanksgiving visit I learned Lindy is a super hostess entertaining a house full of people with ease. I also learned she was the boss of the house and made all the rules. It was a great chance to see Michael's family dynamics and we would spend many great Thanksgivings together after that. Lindy is a super lady and a social dynamo, words cannot describe!
.  .  .
The next Mom in my life is: Karen Lindblom Godsey
my Stepmom since May 11, 1971.
Here we are going to the zoo. A favorite past time during our weekends with Dad and Karen.

The old entrance to the Portland Zoo.

One of my favorites, Christmas 1971, Matching Dresses
made by Karen!
Disneyland Trip November 1972, either before or after visiting Grandmother and Grandad in Arizona, outfits made by Karen, we loved them and the stuffed animals that matched!
I believe Kim is actually screaming in this photo... wouldn't you, no wonder they don't
have the big bad wolf at Disneyland any more!
Really love this crazy photo... except for the fact that you can't see Jill's adorable face, you've got the shadow of Dad taking the photo, the old Carpet van in the background, crazy dogs, Kim's black tights, it is just fantastic...

I can hardly remember a time when Karen wasn't there and how lucky am I that she came along and gave me seven great siblings. Karen is one of the sweetest people you could know and I am so lucky to have her in my life.
.  .  .

Now, for my first Mom, the Mom who gave me life and therefore all my memories
since May 14, 1963:
Judy Ann Ashley Fleming

This was the photo I was searching for, one of my all time favorites. My Mom the year she graduated high school, 1961
Then there is her actual graduation photo, love the monogrammed collar and freckles!
September 1963, Bath time with Mom
(Not sure if you can see it or not, but Mom has
a crazy bunch of hair clips in her hair... love it!)
Gotta love the beach, no doubt near Tillamook
Wedding Day, July 29, 1989

There is just so much to say and not enough time or blog space to say it. There is nothing like a Mom and on this Mother's Day 2008 I just want to say if I am half as loving, kind, understanding, talented, thoughtful and generous as my Mom, I am happy. I am lucky to know her, much less have her as my Mom and my kids are lucky to have her as Grandma Judy.
. . .
The heart has no limit to how much it can love, especially when it comes to Moms!

Love you all,



Dana Melnick said...

What a lovely tribute. Happy Mother's Day to you.
Love, Dana

Mom said...

This is a very special message for mothers day from a special daughter and mother.


kjlubitz said...

Just wait until Father's Day... I have quite a few choice photos to share... those little tiny "thumbprint" photos, as Byron calls them, come in handy. Love ya!

G & J said...

Happy Birthday Kari!