Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Breakfast Project: Day Two

Breakfast with Sammy
Day Two: "Andy McMuffin Redux"
(a.k.a. Homemade Burgerville English Muffin Sandwich with Sausage)

To begin, here is an explanation of the crazy name I have chosen for today's breakfast speciality (pronounced spe-shee-ality). Last weekend I was visiting my youngest Brother, Andy, and his lovely wife, Lindsay, in Salt Lake City. Michael calls him Andrew, but I have no idea who he is talking about. It is similar to when someone calls our house and asks for "Mike." I do not know who they are talking about and I say "no one here by that name." I have NEVER called Michael "Mike" and I have never called Andy "Andrew." As Ellen Degeneres would say, anyway....  moving right along. Andy served us the most delicious home made Egg McMuffin with Ham, Egg and Cheddar. It was great. The eggs were perfectly cooked (runny), the cheese perfectly melted, the muffin perfectly toasted, etc. What a treat. I decided I would make a sausage version of that sandwich for my second breakfast with Sammy.

The reason my breakfast name has an "also known as", is because my favorite fast food place, ever, and I mean ever, is Burgerville. Burgerville is unique to the Pacific Northwest and they are known for delicious fresh, local and sustainable food. When Michael reads this he is going to say, isn't IN-N-OUT really your favorite? The answer is NO. Burgerville is awesome and they have tons of menu items including their english muffin breakfast sandwiches. I very rarely eat a fast food breakfast, but if I had my choice, this is it. I never order it with egg, because even though I believe in Burgerville's food quality, I am afraid of any egg served at a fast food restaurant.

We enjoyed peaches canned in honey, not included in the title but very delicious.

The breakfast sandwich was served on 10 grain english muffins (7g of fiber)

topped with local, organic ground pork sausage patties + Tillamook Cheddar

and a sunny side up egg with plenty of runniness.

It was mighty delicious.

We also had another lovely sunrise experience

which lit up more prettiness
In the above picture is a pretty spoon that came with our house. Our house included a lot of interesting stuff like the dining room table that Chloe is sitting on, grrr--cats!?! I used the above spoon to grab out the peaches without taking all the sweet, peach honey sauce with them. I like to pull out pretty stuff when I have to get up at 6:30am to make breakfast. Pretty stuff makes me happy. Speaking of sweet peach honey sauce, it works great for making your own soda. I put in a little peach honey sauce, a little grenadine, and a lot of soda water. Yummy!

Even though Sammy finished his breakfast 10 minutes early, he ended up leaving the house 10 minutes late. I just do not know what to do with that kid.


heaven said...

ok, i'm gonna need you to come live with me and feed me.. thanks. this is toooo good!!!

Lindsay said...

I love your breakfast project...waking up early never looked like so much fun. :) We had Andy McMuffins for breakfast too!