Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breakfast Project: Day Four

Breakfast with Sammy
Day Four: "Mauna Kea"
Mastering the Waffle

After my frustrating waffle experience yesterday morning, I decided I needed non-stick cooking spray and a better recipe. Unfortunately, I also believe we need a new waffle iron.

I pulled together the ingredients for a recipe I found on the internet and subsequently pinned to a recipe board on Pinterest: Cornstarch Waffles. The recipe doesn't sound all that appetizing, but it worked okay.
Above: the cast of characters

I decided to make a raspberry syrup for our waffles. I started with fresh raspberries, a little sugar, a little maple syrup and water. What started out looking like this
ended up looking like this
I used the left over bacon from yesterday.

 I whipped up some cream.
and here is the finished product

The reason for the name: "Mauna Kea" is not that we were so full that when we finished we thought we would explode like the volcano on the big island of Hawaii (although I did think about that), but in fact, because this is my favorite breakfast to order when we stay at the Mauna Kea Hotel on the Kohala Coast. We order room service delivered to the balcony.

When I got up this morning to this
what I really wanted to see was this
Enter the "Mauna Kea" breakfast
and I always order a pot of hot chocolate at The Mauna Kea, so...
I made some.

Sammy is still sick, but he had a science presentation today so he headed off to school, early.
Although it may sound like bad parenting, I am glad he was able to make it to school today.

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