Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breakfast Project: Day Three

Breakfast with Sammy
Day Three: "Grandma Elsie's Scrambled Eggs"
(plus Belgian Waffle FAIL)

Today's breakfast was supposed to include Belgian waffles, "fresh" berries, and bacon. I realize now why I do not like making waffles. I am horrible at it. A complete failure. I know we have made waffles before, a long time ago, but I am not sure if they were Belgian waffles. Anyway, I started the morning attempting this:

but instead, I got this:

And now I remember another reason I don't like making waffles: I very much dislike cleaning waffle irons (even when they don't look like this!) I used an Emeril recipe and I have never had a failed Emeril recipe. Hmm. Perhaps it is actually our old waffle iron ;). Perhaps not. I should have read the recipe the night before. I did not have any non-stick spray. I wiped the thing down with oil first. Ugh! I will get the non-stick spray and then I will master the waffle. I will, because I am stubborn that way.

The local nitrate and hormone free bacon was already baking in the oven at 425 degrees, so all was not lost. I threw a 10-grain English muffin in the toaster and started on some of Grandma Elsie's scrambled eggs. I'm not sure if others are as picky as we are around here with our scrambled eggs. I am picky and Michael is picky. Michael likes his eggs scrambled so well, that to me, they do not even resemble scrambled eggs anymore, scrambled with salami, even better. Me, I really only like my scrambled eggs like my Grandma Elsie (my Mom's Mom) used to make them. It is so easy, but you have to cook them slow and keep an eye on them. I start with butter in a small frying pan on low heat. I then crack the eggs directly into the pan and let them cook until the whites are just starting to set then I break the yolks. I do not mix the eggs around, I let them cook a little this way, the yolks are clearly separated from the whites. I add a little salt and pepper and I cook them slow, mixing them a little, not a lot, just until the eggs are not liquid. I immediately get them off the heat. They taste so rich cooked this way.
Our final breakfast meal included Grandma Elsie's scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, and an english muffin topped with homemade strawberry jam (from our berries).
The reason I was so enamored with our sunrise view the past couple days is because this is the kitchen view we normally get on a winter morning (well, and all day in the winter for that matter):
and then, a little reminder of the view we had the past few days:
Even though we did not have those intense rays of sunshine beating down on us, this pretty china teacup that Grandma Elsie gave me before she passed away, was a lovely addition to the breakfast table.
After Sammy left (on time), I savored a cup of English Breakfast tea, without a thought to the waffle fiasco mess I still had to clean up.
and it was a mighty wonderful cup of tea.
Heading upstairs to start work, I was greeted by Miss Chloe. She's a very pretty girl.

Everything is starting to look pretty. Perhaps this early morning routine is growing on me?

Even though Sammy got off to school on time, he was sent home by his first period (Japanese) teacher for being too sick to remain at school. Maybe I should have fed him chicken noodle soup for breakfast.

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