Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Say Good-Bye to 2009!

We had a blast in 2009....

In January, we recuperated from the big snow & ice storm of 2008.

In February, we spent a family weekend at Cannon Beach with Grammy, Grampy, Aunt Tiffy, Danny plus the dogs: Riley & Lily. It was Lily's first trip to the beach and she LOVED it! The weather was perfect.

In March, we celebrated the Bris of Jacob Lubitz, the newest member of the Lubitz clan, Joey and I spent spring break back east visiting New York City and then touring 9 colleges in 4 states in 4 1/2 days. Phew!
Above: Corned Beef Sandwiches & Matzah Ball Soup at Carnegie Deli, NYC

In April, I visited my old ASU college roommate/Maid-of-Honor in Arizona, we remodeled our family room, Joey played Tennis and Sammy played Baseball for Catlin Gabel School plus Sammy went biking & hiking in Central Oregon.
Sammy's positions included: First Base, Pitcher & Catcher

In May, Joey took the SAT's, coordinated, decorated and went to his Junior prom (2nd prom with Julia) all on the same day and he also went backpacking in the Olympic Peninsula (not the same day). I celebrated my 46th Birthday.

In June, another school year ended, Joey climbed Mt. Hood and backpacked Steen's Mt. in Eastern Oregon.

In July, we visited Victoria BC with Grandma Lindy & Grandpa Stuart, Joey coordinated a trip to the Lost Coast of California with friends, we all went on a fantastic trip to Rome, Italy plus a Mediterranean Cruise and Michael and I celebrated our 20th anniversary at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles.
Docked in Sicily

In August, we celebrated the wedding of our neice, Jennifer Bloch, to her husband Gary Stevenson in Simi Valley, California and the wedding of my youngest Brother Andy to Lindsay Barnett at Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon. Sammy spent some time with a friend in Manzanita, Oregon and Joey went camping with his good friend Richard the Pottery Guru.

In September, school started BEFORE Labor Day for the first time ever (at least for our family), Joey turned 18 on Labor Day and Michael & I visited the Salt Lake City office. We also made a day trip to Park City. Michael was in Chicago on business and I visited San Francisco and Petaluma with a friend.

In October I visited a Halloween Folk Art Show outside Detroit with a friend, Michael and I spent his 46th Birthday in Cannon Beach, Oregon with Lily the Golden Retriever and Sammy celebrated his 16th Birthday. The day after his birthday, Sammy also contracted the first of two very serious bouts with the flu.

In November Joey took the SAT II subject tests in Writing, Math & Japanese and he also visited colleges in Minnesota & Ohio. Sammy got his 2nd serious case of the flu in November and then celebrated Thanksgiving with a friend in Manzanita. The rest of us celebrated Thanksgiving at Grammy & Grampy's house.

In December, we celebrated Grandpa Stuart's 75th birthday in San Francisco with Grandma Lindy, Grandpa Stuart, Deb, Steve & Marisa Bloch. We also had afternoon tea at the Heathman Hotel with Uncle Chris & Aunt Akiko in town from Tokyo and enjoyed another December snow storm (a very little one this time).

Hello 2010, we welcome you with open arms!


Jeff Melnick said...

A very nice retrospective. Here's to a happy and healthy 2010. It's hard to believe.
Love, Dana

kjlubitz said...

Thanks Dana. Yes, we are looking for 2010 to be spectacular. It just has a nice ring to it!