Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Memories

I received a beautiful Christmas Card from my Aunt yesterday. I wanted to keep her message here as I know the card will get recycled in due time.

"One of my fondest Christmas memories is you at an early age and all your toys. Uncle Mike and your Dad sat up all night assembling your many toys. I remember the wall covered with all these gifts. You were shy and overwhelmed and almost shaking from all the gifts. Finally everyone left the living room and  gathered at the dining room table. You and I picked up wrapping paper and filled your stroller w/bows. You calmed down and just walked around in a daze as you gathered the bows. Pushing the stroller seemed to calm you even more. You were so darling and really made our Christmas special. Peace to you all."

This message reminds me of the beautiful letters Jennifer writes to Bridget. The memories are special and bring joy to the heart. I cherish them.

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