Sunday, May 24, 2009

Micro Vision

This post was inspired by my sister Kim and her new camera lens. When I purchased my camera last summer, I purchased two lenses. One an 18-200mm zoom lens that I am addicted to. The other, a 105mm micro (macro for non-Nikon users) lens which, until today, I am embarrassed to say I had never even put on the camera. So, I took a break from gardening and tried out my lens (not new, but certainly never been used).

It was a lot of fun. It was an adjustment not being able to just zoom in to right where I wanted it, but it was fun getting REALLY close to things and still being able to focus. There were lots of bees out today just waiting to be models.

A chive blossom:

Foxglove in the cutting garden. I love how everything in the background kind of looks like an impressionist painting:

On this one I wanted to see just exactly how close I could get to something. I was literally right on top of this lavender rhododendron:

A peony bud in the cutting garden, no aphids or anything, awesome. The ladybugs were also out in full force today, but just not while I was taking pictures:

We have a brand new plum tree and this is one of the very first plums. I love how you can even see the fine lines of the cobweb:

Lilac blossom, oh they smell so good:

Here's looking at you, little bee:

Friends hanging out in the lavender patch:

Ah, a photo shoot at our house wouldn't be complete without a picture of Lily. Her eyes weren't even bloodshot today--Michael remembered the Claritin:

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