Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Celebration

Its Deja Vu all over again.
Exactly one year ago today I started my blog: yay!
That was 99 posts ago--so I am celebrating my 100th post--today!
Woo Hoo!

The first entry was called 'A Prom Day in May...' and this, my friends, one year later is another post about Prom.... funny how those kinds of things tend to happen every year, about the same time :-). Thanks to Julia Ruby, Joey's girlfriend, for making it possible for Joey, a sophomore last year, to attend a prom--thus giving me something to blog about. And Happy Birthday Michelle Ruby, another reason to celebrate today!

Yesterday was a huge day for Joey. He started the morning at approximately 7:30am at Sunset High School taking the SAT exam. Crazily enough, he decided to schedule his SAT exam for the same day as the Catlin Gabel Junior/Senior Prom.... a prom that he was in charge of (any bets on whether he will be taking the SAT again sometime soon). As Junior class President, Prom is one of his biggest responsibilities. Knowing Joey pretty well at this point, I decided to leave my whole Saturday open--available to him for running errands. Having hosted a few parties myself over the years, I know what happens on the big day. Lots of things go right, but lots of things go wrong too. There are always errands to run and last minute details. Yesterday was no exception. Michael and I started our day picking up Joey's altered Brooks Brother's Seersucker Blazer. Yep, and bow tie. No tuxedos for this kid... and its a little difficult to buy a blazer off the rack when you are smaller than a 36 short, but we did it, and with two days to spare... have I mentioned Joey is a bit of a procrastinator?

Moving right along... so after a crazy stop at the fabric store and then fighting a rain/wind/hail storm trying to get into the party supply store, we made it to the prom site where Joey and his friends were busy setting up.

The Norse Hall: home of the sons of Norway (Norse Hall)

Built in 1928 as a Scandinavian Community Center, the Norse Hall was a pretty cool spot for the Catlin Gabel Prom. I DID actually take this photo yesterday. Funny thing about Portland Spring Weather... one minute you are caught in a hail storm, the next--blue skies. Sorry Michael, he was dreaming of tropical sunny days when the skies let loose and dumped a boat load of cold rain on our heads. He really does need a warm vacation right about now.
Did I mention we picked up 200 balloons at the party supply store that needed to be blown up.  Below left is Joey's co-President, Will, and on the right, Jasmine Bath.
Joey's friend Max was there to hang the paper lanterns. A tall ladder and a 6'5" friend are all that is needed to hang things from a ballroom ceiling.
Sara Hensel (left) and Jasmine still working on those balloons. Madame Schuback is in the background. She is the staff liaison for the Prom and Joey's french teacher from last year.
Michael even joined in.
The band, warming up. The band is made up of Juniors and Seniors from Catlin. They had a DJ for most of the prom, but the band was there to close out the night. From the sounds of their warm up, I'm sure they did a great job. They were AWESOME!
Trolls are Scandinavian?

Below: Joey and Madame Schuback cutting loose to the band's warm up.

And, as annoying as it might have been, I made Joey promise that if I showed up during the evening that I would be able to get his and Julia's attention for a photo. They had a photographer at the Prom, but my guess is I will never see those pictures.
Above: Joey and Julia dancing at Prom. Joey is in the light blazer and white shoes, Julia in the short red dress on the right. Julia graduates this year... will she return next year for Joey's Senior Prom and make it a three-peat?
Seriously, they must have been tired. Joey having taken the SAT's all morning and then prom set up all afternoon, Julia having performed in her last official Portland Youth Philharmonic Concert just an hour before.... Congratulations Julia! Julia is off to Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio next year.

What will I be blogging about a year from now....

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