Friday, May 15, 2009

In Honor of...

In honor of The Sound of Music, which I watched in its entirety this past Sunday as my relaxing Mother's Day activity, I am posting here (in no particular order) a few of my favorite things:

funky elementary school pictures and lavendar barrettes

awesome US National Parks and homemade clothes

squash harvested from our very own garden and cool cameras

dirty little Sammy faces with cute smiles and big brown eyes

golf courses at PGA west and relaxing with my first born

cool Grandparents who lived in Tillamook and fished (everything from Chinook to Halibut) and cooked delcious breakfasts of blueberry pancakes and pan fried salmon
my Mom and little red tennis shoes

ambidextrous little Sammy and backwards golf clubs (and little red tennis shoes)

fluffy golden retriever puppies and big glasses

big 60's hair and zip front go-go dresses

lake fishing with friends and sisters who wear stocking caps

fiesty college roommates with zebra print swimsuits

chocolate ganache drip birthday cakes from Beaverton Bakery

great family photos on beautiful golf courses

adorable siblings and rocky creeks

dogs named Mac, Cannon Beach, big red sunglasses and being 21

and amazing shots taken on amusement park rides!

1 comment:

Betsy said...

I feel very honored to be on your favorite things list. Thank you.

Oh, and that chocolate cake looks delicious. Now I am craving some chocolate. Dang it.