Sunday, March 29, 2009

Visiting the Village

Even though Joey and I were suffering from a little bit of jet lag, going to bed too late and getting up too late, we still woke up Sunday craving a good breakfast. We searched the internet and found what looked to be a reputable restaurant for brunch, but it was in SoHo. We hopped on the On/Off bus in Times square, thereby getting in a little sightseeing on our way downtown.
After fighting some pretty substantial Sunday traffic, we finally reached the Balthazar Restaurant, however, there was a 1 hour and 45 minute wait for two people for brunch. Right next door to the restaurant was the Balthazar Bakery, which looked mighty good at 1:00pm in the afternoon and we were quite hungry. So we settled for croissants, coffee and hot chocolate.
So Delicious!
While in SoHo we also did some shopping. Joey found the NYC Uniqlo, the only Uniqlo in the US.
While Joey shopped, I rested my weary feet.
Man were my feet tired.
We left SoHo and walked to Greenwich Village where we visited a local street market
watched some musicians in Washington Square Park

and grabbed a recession special at Gray's Papaya
2 hot dogs and a soft drink for $4


Sydney said...


I've loved reading all about your trip with Joey. This was my favorite because it was "our" neighborhood when we visited for a month a couple years ago. I can't wait to do it again, and the pictures of Gray's Papaya, many fond memories . . .


kjlubitz said...

Yes, I am hoping Joey goes back East for College so we have an excuse to go back again and again and again...

Will you be heading to NYC for the US Open this year?