Monday, March 9, 2009


This past Sunday, we attended the Bris Milah of Jacob Peng Lubitz. A Bris is a religious ceremony within Judaism to welcome infant Jewish boys into a covenant between God and the Children of Israel through ritual circumsion performed by a mohel ("circumciser"), on the eighth day of the child's life (representing a time on earth that surpasses the days of creation) unless health reasons or certain specific conditions force a delay. In Jacob's case, he was born on February 15th, however, his jaundice prevented him from being healthy enough to have the ritual performed--until Sunday, March 8th. The Bris ceremony has two parts: the actual circumcision and the naming. The baby naming is traditionally the most emotional part of the ceremony since the babies are often given Hebrew names in honor of deceased relatives. Jacob was named after two great grandfathers. Joey was also named after one of his great grandfathers, Jacob and Joey share a common Hebrew name: Chayim (Herman), although Jacob's Hebrew name is much longer than that and much longer than Joey's Hebrew name. During Jacob's ceremony (likewise for Joey's ceremony), however, the most emotional time was during the actual circumcision. Jacob, like Joey, cried... and Sarah (Jacob's mother) cried with him... as I did 17 1/2 years ago with Joey. It is a very emotional time and one of proud tradition for the Jewish people.
Jacob, sleeping away, totally oblivious to what is to come.
Jacob, Grandma Lindy & Michael
Proud Papa David, Grandpa Stuart & Uncle Michael
Aunt Kari and Baby Jacob in his nursery
Finalizing the plans for the ceremony
Baby Jacob is so sweet
The Mohel prepares the proper paperwork
Sarah & David
The Mohel prepares for the circumcision
He is okay, Momma Sarah is so happy now, which makes David very happy.
Everything's good now, time for a nap.

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