Sunday, February 22, 2009

So sad Stinky

Tinkerbell (a.k.a. Stinky) is a Himalayan Persian. Her fur is long and soft and beautiful. Unfortunately, it also mats very easily and her skin is super pink and tender. We do not do a good job of combing her out and therefore she gets mats, sometimes lots of mats. Periodically we take her to the groomers so they can comb/shave out her mats. I have never let them shave her because I thought she would be embarrassed (if cats get embarrassed) and cold. I mean, she is used to wearing a beautiful white fur coat.

Our regular groomers went out of business about a year ago. I have been searching for a decent groomers during that time as Stinky really needs to go in about every three months. Once we had a traveling groomer come to the house and groom "Stinky" and give Kelsey a bath. I didn't really care for that service. Then I took her to another groomer relatively close to our office and when I went to pick her up, they couldn't find her for 20 minutes. They were like, yeah, we don't do cats very often? Then, I got her home to find out she still had mats. So, I worked those mats out myself and she hasn't been to a groomer since.

About a week ago, Michael was so frustrated with her mats that he tried to work on some of them himself. He got out the scissors and started cutting at one of them. I usually try not to use the scissors because I am so afraid I am going to cut her. Well, the next night after Michael had cut out an unusually large mat on her neck, I was petting Stinky and took a look at her neck and it had a big slice in it. Obviously it wasn't bothering her, but it looked horrible. Michael was mortified and so took it upon himself to find Stinky a proper groomer. He found one, clear on the other side of town and he took her there himself. I forgot to tell him that I didn't want her shaved (they call it a lion cut) because of the before mentioned concerns (embarrassment and cold). Well... I am sorry to say, they did perform the lion cut on Tinkerbell.

I feel so sorry for her. She shivers, a lot--it is winter after all and since our gas bill has been sky-high I have been keeping the thermostat low. She spends most of her time in her carrying case where there is a little lamb's wool liner. Here is a picture of Stinky when she did venture out of her case this morning. Poor sad Stinky.

I wonder how long it will be before her beautiful fur grows back to this:
Update: Stinky shivering while reading her own blog... I think she is embarrassed :-(

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Betsy said...

Oh, poor poor stinky. She looks so different!