Saturday, November 29, 2008

Travel Journal Day Three: London

We started our day on Tuesday back on the On/Off bus to finish the other half of the city tour. We exited at Trafalgar Square in search of the authentic pub experience.

We ended up at a very respectable
place right off Trafalgar Square and
had a decent plate of fish and chips.

After lunch we visited the The Tower of London -- History
We saw the crown jewels and learned a lot
about torture devices.

After dinner, we moved from our hotel in
the rather posh neighborhood of Grosvenor
Square to a vacation rental apartment in the
more modest King's Cross area. The apartment
is only a couple blocks from the tube and railway
stations and has plenty of space and amenities.
For Harry Potter fans, Kings Cross is the station
with track 9 3/4 and the Hogwart's Express.
Our home for the rest of the week... a 3 bedroom,
2 bath flat (with free high speed wireless internet) for less than
half the price of a decent hotel.

The "flat" is actually on four stories with a little
narrow staircase. The kitchen is in the basement,
but I guess that is normal?
Things about the apartment we are
definitely taking advantage of: the 3 bedrooms,
the internet, the proximity to the rail system. Things we
wish we had more time to take advantage
of: the parklike common area out back,
the gourmet kitchen, and the steam shower.

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