Sunday, November 30, 2008

Travel Journal Day Four: Windsor Castle

So, Wednesday November 26, 2008 will go down as the day Joey left Michael's camera on the train to Windsor Castle (along with all our pictures thus far). We are still hoping to get it back.... but in the meantime, more about the rest of our day. Michael had meetings in London all morning and afternoon, so the boys and I hopped a train at Paddington Station.....

...and headed off to Windsor/Eton. We spent a good two hours exploring The Royal Residences > Windsor Castle and it was a highlight of our trip to England.

This picture is actually taken from the main part of
town with all the shops and restaurants. The castle
is THAT close to town... a two minute walk to the
train station. The statue is Queen Victoria
who made Windsor Castle her primary residence
during her reign in the 1800's.
Interior grounds of the castle

St. George's Chapel

One of the coolest things in Windsor Castle,
The dollhouse is amazing with working plumbing and
electricity as well as miniature paintings by famous artists
and miniatures novels written by famous authors
(including Rudyard Kipling)--it was amazing.

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