Tuesday, October 28, 2008

San Diego: Day Three

So we spent our last full day
in San Diego, Michael's Birthday,
driving to a quaint little town
in the Cuyamaca Mountains
named Julian. It is a historic
gold mining town that is now
famous for apples, apples
and more apples....

The really weird thing, though, was that, really, when you are
in the little town, there are no apple trees in sight. It was
kind of "twilight zone-ish". Kind of like you stepped out of
reality and into a TV set from "Murder She Wrote" (with no
apple trees).

On our way to Julian, we finally satisfied
Michael's craving for In-n-Out Burger. It
was his birthday after all. Honestly though,
Michael goes to California about every other
week, and he gets his fix every other week, so I
did not feel the need to rush to every In-n-Out
in San Diego. And no, we did not each eat
two double doubles... this is a stock photo
I grabbed from somewhere.

So, once we finally arrived in Julian
(and it is quite a drive) we quickly noticed
the town is full of two things:
bakeries (selling mostly pies) and
antique shops. The antique shops weren't
that great, but the pies looked absolutely
We were still very full from our
burger lunch, but we did pick up a piece
of Dutch Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce
to go.
We drove out of town a bit to a winery
(where there was not a vineyard in sight),
but ironically we did see a small apple orchard.
This teepee decorated for Halloween was
actually pretty cool. This was a small
U-Pick Apple Orchard. I have no idea
where all the apples for all the pies in
town actually come from... a mystery!
Later that night we had a very
romantic birthday dinner for Michael
at a local La Jolla Italian Restaurant
named Sante. By the time we finally got to
dinner, we had the whole place
to ourselves. Nice!

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