Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Lesson...

I had another photography class today. Our assignment from last week was, basically, to take unusual photos of ordinary things. I took a lot of these types of photos, but now that we are shooting in RAW, not JPEG, my iphoto does not really want to load the photos, so I have to go searching for some other software (that I own, but just cannot find) so that I can get all the pictures loaded on my home computer. Today in class we had a photoshop lesson, a very long photoshop lesson... my mind wandered, a lot. So, I just decided to have fun with this picture of Bridget I took when she visited with me on Thursday. I learned enough to manipulate the photo and then convert to a JPEG and send to myself from school, but that is about all I learned.

I would have liked to have taken some pictures of her
picking baby pumpkins for her Mommy and Daddy,
but since I was holding her the whole time,
it was just physically impossible.

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Blackberry Bratt said...

Cute! And I believe that will be the very LAST picture of Bridget with a binky (A.K.A. beloved) in her mouth as she will soon be sending all of her binkies and bottles off to the poor children who don't have any. Isn't she so generous? (evil smiley face)