Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lessons Learned

20 Days to Halloween...

My photography class has ended. Here's a few class photos. Now its time to find my software and really get to work.
Tomatoes from the garden.
In this photo I was working with getting enough light
to take the photo inside without using a flash. This
was taken at dusk in the kitchen.

The rest of these are some practice photos.
We were asked to take pictures of familiar things in
an unfamiliar way. This beautiful old Mercedes was parked
outside the school.
I have a whole series of these photos inside
the ladies bathroom at the school. I used every angle,
shutter speed, f-stop I could... this is my favorite of the bunch
although they all look really different.
This is my favorite overall.
It is a metal statue on one of the streets of the
Pearl District. It is a statue of people and it is about
7 feet tall. All my photos are in the
Pearl District (neighborhood where the school is)
or in the school as I never did get
much homework done.


Kim Williams said...

I need to start playing again. Your little lessons have reminded me of the hours I spent on the internet trying to teach my self how to use my new camera. Now almost a year later I have forgotten most of it. Actually, I think I stopped playing when I decided I really needed to upgrade my lens for another $500 :).

I love the abstract so these last photos I love. I would totally blow them up and frame them.

Betsy said...

Great photos Kari. My favorite is the window.

kjlubitz said...

I hear you Kim regarding the lenses. I quickly found out that zoom lenses are not all they are cracked up to be (which Andy tried to tell me) and also that my lenses were limiting me, especially in Portland weather, unless I want to carry a tri-pod around with me everywhere! I think I will make due for now...