Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Trojans March On....

One of my first posts back in May highlighted Sammy's first baseball game of the season. Amazingly enough, Sammy's baseball season is still on going. Last weekend was completely dedicated to Sammy's baseball team, the Wilson Trojans. Their team is a Senior (oldest group before high school although most of the team is made up of 7th graders, with one 6th grader and three 8th graders) National (level) Clackamas County team and they came in first in their division (13 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie) and second overall for their league. They were seeded 2nd in the County Tournament which was held this past weekend in Molalla, OR. They played two games on Saturday, winning both and then they played West Linn on Sunday afternoon for 1st place. After a pretty brutal game that was poorly officiated (by West Linn officials), they lost (6-9)--but they did take 2nd place (which is phenomenal) and will start State Tournament games on Thursday. It is quite amazing that they have come this far... they started with 15 players and then lost 2 players the first week of practice. Late in the season, they lost another player who moved out of town. Down to 12 players, their star broke his arm pitching in the last regular season game. They were devastated. But, they pulled it together and are still going strong, although a bit beat up. Here's a few highlights:
The dugouts were like brick ovens

National Anthem

John & Sammy--pitchers talking strategy

This inning... 11 pitches, 1-2-3, they're outta there!

Big hit--run Sammy run....

Receiving their trophy for first in their division

Another game, more pitching... this is the 3rd game for 1st place
A couple of our parents almost got thrown out of the game this inning

Receiving their 2nd place medals

And the season continues....


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
Over the years the hundreds of pictures I've seen of Sammy, from birth to present I don't think he's ever looked so in his element.
You can see it in his face and body language just how much he loves the game. My favorite, the strategist. Michael always said he was a "Natural". These pictures are here to prove him right. Great Going Sammy.
Love, Dana

kjlubitz said...

Thanks Dana for your great comment. Sammy was beaming when he read it!