Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fruits of our Labor

I finally got Joey and Sammy to help me out in the yard today.
During our weeding session we had the pleasure of finding
enough blueberries to fill a bowl....

Joey's handmade pottery makes a nice vessel for
our blueberries
We also found our first tomatoes of the season. We love
the sweet 100's, they get fruit early, ripen quickly and
taste delicious. We planted cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes,
heirloom tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes... we are going to
have plenty of tomatoes!

Although I have yet to see a pumpkin blossom on our
hillside plants (I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that
we have pumpkins by Halloween), we do have some
nice blossoms on our zucchini plants

and the Apple Trees look good....

This is about the last of the peas. I am surprised they have
lasted this long in this heat. We tried to keep them in the
shade and watered, but they just do not like summer.
but the sweat pea flowers apparently do like summer...

And so do the figs.

It's so much fun to find treats in the garden.
And it also makes a nice distraction from weeding.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
Your garden looks beautiful even in snippets. You really do have some wonderful fruits of you labor. I hope you'll share some of the tomatoes and figs, mmm! It brings back memories of our backyard in Fresno. I do miss the lemon and orange trees though.
Love, Dana

kjlubitz said...

Yeah, you are not going to see lemons and oranges on trees in Portland. We love to share!