Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July

We spent 4th of July with the Lubitz Family in Bellevue.
We paraded through David's neighborhood, watched the downtown
Seattle Fireworks, took in a Mariner's Game, visited Pike Place
Market and had brunch at Salish Lodge, Snoqualmie Falls.

4th of July Night Sky, Seattle

Michael, Kari, Sammy, David, Star, Joey, Stuart
Lindy & Sarah... waiting for the Somerset Neighborhood Parade

Star Lubitz, son of David & Sarah Lubitz
(note: they are expecting a human child in February, poor Star!)
Waiting not so patiently outside the original Starbucks at
Pike Market Place while Sammy & Joey argue with Grandma
Lindy about what is in a Cafe Mocha (since I don't drink coffee,
I could care less what is in it....)

A random plant on the patio--obviously I was
getting pretty bored while waiting for the fireworks

Julia and Joey waiting for fireworks

My 3 Musketeers.


Andy said...

As far as I know the only ingredient in a Cafe Mocha is sugary deliciousness.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari,
Now that Sydney is a "Barista" at Starbucks we could ask her, we really want to know? For the most part it looks like you had a good time. It sure sounded fun. I love the picture of the three boys. Mazel Tov to David and I agree, poor Star, she won't know what hit her.
Love, Dana

kjlubitz said...

Well, Joey has been a self taught Barista in our very own kitchen for a couple years now (making mochas right and left and taking up a bunch of my counter space)... but that does not mean he is going to win an argument with Grandma Lindy--even if he was right. If you get a little laugh from her when it is all over, that is as much of a concession as you will get. The picture of the 5 of them is taken immediately after the "discussion" and you see the looks on their faces--frustration! Ha, I know that feeling :-)

and Andy, I prefer my sugary deliciousness in the form of pure chocolate and steamed milk, no espresso required... but I can see the appeal!

Cole said...

Now my question is were you still in town on the fifth of July because Ben and I were wandering around Seattle all by ourselves that day....

kjlubitz said...

yep, still in town, as a matter of fact, I'm surprised you did not run into Joey, Julia and Sammy. They were enjoying downtown Seattle the whole day... and then we all met up at the Mariner's Game that night. Michael and I had the thrilling experience of joining David on his speed boat on Lake Washington... a story for a different day.

Btw, Dana, Star is a boy. I know, I know, Star sounds like a girl's name, but in this case it is definitely a boy.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected.