Friday, July 8, 2011

We've got berries!

Last summer I posted about my successful adventure planting berries in our hillside garden boxes: Berry Satisfaction. Today, you can barely even see that the raspberries and strawberries are indeed planted in boxes as the plants have grown to such a large size. The raspberries are towering over their support systems and growing to at least my height while the strawberries are sending shoots out over the sides of the boxes and just generally having a great old time. While I'm sure some kind of berry plant thinning is in my near future, for the moment I am happy to watch the somewhat ordered chaos going on out back.
As far as fruit goes, the raspberries are just beginning to put out their berries. We have been nibbling a few sweet morsels here and there. For the past couple weeks, we have been getting about a pint of strawberries every couple days from the strawberry patch. We even blended some into a strawberry puree on Fourth of July to add to our lemonade. After a thorough picking the afternoon of July 3rd, we have not been down to the berry beds since. Today I decided it was time to pick and water. Not only did I find a nice little stash of juicy raspberries, but the strawberries had gone wild. So many ripe strawberries, I was glad I optimistically brought a large bowl down with me.

After a little weeding, a little watering and a lot of picking, I am excited with my bowls of berries.
I have decided to take some of the berries and make these muffins:  Lemon Ricotta Muffins
(Of course I will use my whole wheat flour).

I can't wait to taste them! (the muffins, of course... as I have already tasted the berries!)

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