Saturday, July 16, 2011

foto finagling

Thanks to an invite from my Sister Sarah, I have a new obsession: Pinterest. Prior to "pinning" I bookmarked everything. Pictures of fireplace surround ideas for the living room, recipes I wanted to try, clothes and household items I was thinking of purchasing on the internet. My bookmark bar was an ugly mess and it took me forever to find the link I was looking for because I was usually too lazy to rename the bookmark something that I could remember. Well, Pinterest is way more fun, easier to use and it looks nice too.

One of my Boards is Photo Inspiration and includes photos that make me smile, or make me want to take more photos, or make me want to learn just how they got those fantastic photos. Something I noticed right away, A LOT of people use Photoshop. I took a class once, but I never purchased the software. I am technologically challenged and lazy. I have just not had the desire to learn a new software. I can barely use the camera I purchased 3 years ago. Therefore, I use the iPhoto that comes with Mac computers. It is simplistic, but so am I. I have been having some fun turning my color photos to black & white, adding an antique look, or fading the colors. What I have noticed is, I like to fade colors pretty much just as much as I like to enhance them. I know some day I will break down and buy the Creative Suite that includes Photoshop and many other goodies. But for today, I am happy just simply playing with color.

Antiqued Hydrangea

B&W Baseball

Enhanced Camel

Faded Canned Vegetables

Sepia Apples


Bunk said...

When did you take a picture of a camel. And I do not think any camel can really be enhanced.

Kari said...

This camel was at the rescue farm by Tracey's house in AZ. They rescue circus animals, or something like that. I think he looks very beautiful!