Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Spring Treat

I have this obsession with professional tennis. Well, specifically professional Men's Tennis. This year we got to go to the Indian Wells PNB Paribas Open near Palm Springs. I cannot even begin to describe how excited I was. It was awesome.

During the day we sat up in the Loge seats, which are high up, but still fun. The sun was beating down. We got lots of needed sunshine and Vitamin D. I actually never thought I would say I "needed" to get sun, but since I am chronically Vitamin D deficient and the doctor actually prescribed a little sunshine (along with a boat load of Vitamin D supplements), I gave myself permission to just sit and soak up sunshine (constantly slathering myself with SPF 50 sun screen of course.)

In the evenings, we got to sit in the 8th row as Lindy & Stuart do not go to the evening matches and they graciously gave up their seats to us. We saw Nadal beat Karlovic and we were close enough to witness the Rafa snarl every time Karlovic aced him. Fun!

We got to see Federer/Wawrinka v. Nadal/Lopez doubles. Federer and Nadal rarely play doubles, so this was a real treat.

But the highlight of the experience was sitting in the front row when Federer/Wawrinka played in the doubles final. They lost, but who cares when you are 10 feet from Roger Federer.

So many times I wished I had my "real" camera, but I only had the iphone.

I love tennis!

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