Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here we go again...

Well, I realized when I titled this that it could mean so many things. What I am really talking about though is here we go again with the whole college search process.

Sammy is nearing the end of his Junior year. Soon to come: SAT exams (and SAT II's), college choices, essay writing, application process and deadlines, application fees, the waiting game and alas, writing more large checks to a yet to be named college/university.

Last week was Spring Break for Sammy. After our great visit to LaQuinta/PGA West/Indian Wells tennis garden, we headed off to San Diego. The weather went from 85 and sunny in Palm Springs to 50 and rainy, just like that. When we checked into our hotel near the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) campus in La Jolla, it was downright stormy.

The following morning it was still very, very rainy. We got lucky as our 90 minute tour just happened to take place between down pours. I used to work at UCSD when Michael was in Law School at the University of San Diego. The tour was great and very informative and afterwards I got to reconnect with an old friend.

Sammy with Dr. Seuss sculpture in background
(Theodor Seuss Geisel "Dr. Seuss" lived in La Jolla)

Sammy at the UCSD Geisel Library

For multiple reasons I don't think Sammy will choose UCSD, however, the tour was great and afterwards we took Sammy on a drive around San Diego and showed him where we used to live/work/go to school. Michael also introduced Sammy to his favorite: Nico's tacos.

Our Spring Break College Tours continued on Wednesday in Claremont, California. The Claremont Schools (a five school consortium including Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, Pomona, Harvey Mudd and Scripps) are very popular with Catlin Gabel graduates. Sammy really enjoyed the tour of Claremont McKenna and I really enjoyed it because we were joined by actor James Remar... a.k.a. Harry Morgan (Dexter's adoptive Dad on Dexter) and Richard the Tycoon (Samantha's on again, off again boyfriend) in Sex and the City. Now, I am not exactly star struck (unless we are talking pro men's tennis players), but these college tours can get pretty boring. Convincing Sammy that indeed we were taking a college tour with Dexter's dead Dad (and his real life family) was actually quite fun.

(Biology building in the background on the left. This is where Sammy would spend a lot of his time if he ended up at a Claremont School)

After Claremont McKenna, we headed over to Occidental College. "Harry Morgan" was there too. This is not uncommon when you are on a college tour track... even if the colleges are miles away from each other, you often run into the same people. Sammy also really liked Occidental. Living in LA for college would probably be pretty fun. We'll see what happens.

That was the end of our Spring Break College tours. If I learned anything from Joey's college search: you do not have to run around like a crazy person visiting 9 colleges in 4 days. Joey ended up actually applying to only 2 of the 9 colleges we visited and attending a college that was not even on our trip.

Let the games begin!


Kim said...

ok, starting to get anxiety about how far but close Jake is to this experience.

Kari said...

Rest assured Kim, you can come my way looking for advice on what NOT to do :) like trying to convince your kid to go to a school in a city you love just so you have an excuse to go visit often. That doesn't work.