Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oberlin College

We arrived in Cleveland Monday night. Joey checked into his dorm at Oberlin College on Tuesday morning.

Below: Dascomb Dormitory at Oberlin College

Below: a very strange tree outside Joey's dorm that I have never seen before.

The back side of Joey's dorm. Joey and Zach's room is on the shady park (quad) side of the dorm building. A much prettier, shadier spot. Their room is on the third (top) floor right in the middle of the picture below.

Of course Joey's side of the room is very eclectic and very colorful.

Aunt Tiffy will notice the colorful bird she gave Joey when he was in the Neonatal ICU just hours after his traumatic birth almost 19 years ago (as you can see it all worked out... he looks "almost" normal :0). Grammy will notice one of her many beautiful quilts gracing Joey's bed. The puffin pillowcase is there too, behind the gray pillows.

Zachary's side of the room is a little more subdued:

Below: Joey and Zach. New roommates!

And so it begins... Joey's college years. Sad and happy, but mostly happy and exciting!


Lindsay said...

Clinton/Gore '96, huh? I'm curious as to why that campaign had such a lasting impression on Zach (or is it Joey's poster?) considering he must have still been in elementary school (I practically was too...).

Anyway, I still remember moving into my freshman dorm like it was yesterday. The beginning of a life changing adventure. Good luck Joey!

kjlubitz said...

Funny Lindsay that you would notice that poster. It is Zach's and it is one of Joey's favorite items on Zach's side of the room. That and the refrigerator and the hot water pot that Joey will use to make his french press coffee as well as his Japanese tea. Gotta love roommates. By my calculation, both Joey and Zach were in preschool. I forgot to task him the significance of the poster. I cannot believe it is in such good condition almost 15 years later.

I also remember moving into my dorm and meeting my roommate that eventually would become the maid of honor at our wedding. She was so thrilled that we wore the same size clothes... but a little bummed that her feet were bigger than mine :).

Such an exciting time!

kjlubitz said...

So I just found out the significance of that Clinton/Gore '96 poster in Joey and Zach's room. Zach's Mom is an attorney in Washington DC and was legal counsel to all Clinton/Gore political campaigns going back to '92 (so, Clinton/Gore '92, Clinton/Gore '96, Gore/Lieberman '00 and Hillary Clinton/John Edwards '08). I bet she has lots of posters...