Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook doesn't like my farm pictures...

I'm not sure what is going on with Facebook, but it will not let me load my farm pictures into an album. Well, it will let me load them, but then I can't view a bunch of them. Some show up on my profile page, but then when I try to access them, they are actually just the dreaded question mark in a blue box. So, I am posting them here because I had so much fun at the farm taking them... I want to document it!

Joey and I got to go out this past Sunday and pick up our weekly share. It was a gorgeous April day and the "little farm of the owl" has so many babies. Lambs and piglets and 16 baby goats. Some of the baby goats were only a couple of days old on Sunday.

The lambs were a little shy and then there is that big male ram or whatever (pictured above facing away from us). We were warned he could get quite aggressive. Lyn, the Mama of the farm even gave Joey a stick to beat him off with if he started chasing us. So, I actually used my zoom and stayed pretty far away from the sheep and lambs, not really in the mood to be chased by anything.

There were three little piglets, awww, just as it should be. But none of them were building houses. Basically they were just watching us from their little chain link pen and longing for someone to fill their trough with water so they could make some mud.

The baby goats were all amazingly adorable. This little guy came out with wrinkled ears. Isn't that cute?

My favorite was the little brown one above that Joey is petting. He was so soft.

At the farm they have lots and lots and lots of chickens and that means lots and lots and lots of farm fresh eggs for us.

This little spotted piglet was so ugly he was cute....

They have three farm dogs

and a bearded billy goat

Lily is pretty mellow, but I don't think she would be this mellow if she was surrounded by goats and sheep and pigs and chickens and lots and lots of compost, manure and just generally a lot of poop.

The barn is amazing.

and so is the old apple orchard.

The farm is just bursting with starts ready to be planted.

above: bean sprouts

below: some of the butter lettuce we got with our share this week.

Above: Purple Mizuna and my guess... golden beets (or a very pretty chard)

Below: feeding time.

More leeks and shallots this week.

Yummy additions: Garlic and Walnuts

Inside the barn: Joey is grabbing our garlic and  I just love the window above looking out to the apple orchard

Below the owners are prepping for some of those starts to go in the ground.

This is going to be lots and lots of fun. We are limiting our own garden this year. Although we planted a winter crop of three kinds of garlic, two kinds of onions, arugula and swiss chard... and we also have an asparagus patch, I think the summer crop will consist of tomatoes and strawberries only and for the fall, carrots, because you can never have enough carrots.

But everything else we could possibly need will come from La Finquita del Buho.

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