Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Celebration Dinner

Tonight we celebrated Joey's college decision.
Yes, it's true, he finally made his decision. He started with five acceptances.

For about the past week now, he had it narrowed down to two small private liberal arts colleges.
Both colleges are wonderful, well respected, academically challenging institutions of higher learning.
As everyone says, there really was not a bad choice here.

Option #1: Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine
Bowdoin being in the beautiful state of Maine with a crazy exciting outdoor program and a really amazing campus. Awesome freshman dorms, the best college food in the country. A Lobster feed as the welcome dinner. Are you kidding me?

Option #2: Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio
Oberlin being a progressive, liberal minded school having been the first to adopt a policy to admit students of color (1835) and the first to award bachelor's degrees to women in a co-educational program (1841) and with more than 500 concerts a year, a diverse student body, and a phenomenal art collection, not to mention majors in visual arts, comparative American studies AND creative writing... well, it just seemed like a natural fit for Joey. (Did I hear someone mention triple major, Mom it's going to take me 5 years not 4? Noooooo..... ) 

But here it really is in a nut shell.

Life Magazine Photo taken at Bowdoin College:

Life Magazine Photo take at Oberlin College:

Yes, folks, the decision has been made and it's:
(Was there ever a doubt?)

So, I decided to make a three course celebratory dinner using lots of veggies from our farm share (I know, I know... we have 28 weeks of this. Will I ever get tired of talking about it?)

We had poached Salmon with dill from the farm (no picture).

Another great thing about our farm share is every week we get a newsletter with amazingly good recipes included. I tried the Arugula, Sharp Cheddar, Apple, Date & Caramelized Walnut Salad with Vinaigrette and Balsamic reduction drizzle. YUM!!!!

The Arugula actually came out of our own winter garden.

I made a soup using leeks, spinach and kale from the garden.
The recipe also included shiitake mushrooms, cannelini beans and quinoa.
It really is a meal in itself. 

Well, it has been quite an evening.
We are very excited for Joey. Now that this difficult decision has been made, he can focus on all the adventures he will have... in Cleveland, Ohio (just kidding Joey, I know Oberlin is not in Cleveland, not that there is anything wrong with Cleveland ;).


Julia Ruby said...

Great post, Kari! I'm so excited to hear this! Yay for Joey!

kjlubitz said...

Yes, now you will get to see us in Portland AND in Oberlin and vice versa ;).

It was always the obvious choice... Joey just likes drama!

Lindsay said...

He decided!!! Congrats!! Very exciting (both the news and the dinner...:P). Can't wait to hear of his many college adventures.

kimc said...

Kari, I've been reluctant to comment on any of this college stuff just so I didn't jinx it — but finally, we're there. I think think think Erica's going to head to Maine (although anything could change in the next two days). What a tough choice though! I'll look forward to lobster — and hearing that, wherever they are, they're ALL JUST FINE ;)