Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gelato Mania

Whoa, fun signing into blogger in Italian!
We made it, yes we did. Its too bad it takes so long to get here and the planes are so incredibly uncomfortable, but it is worth it. What an awesome city... I know I am not saying anything profound. I'm sure anyone that has been here would say the same thing. Although I was accosted by cigarette smoke in the women's bathroom as soon as I got off the plane and there are SO MANY PEOPLE here, it is just so unbelievable.

We found our limo guy, who found our hotel and it is in a great location and this time to Europe we only took a couple hour nap before getting out and exploring the city.

The first thing we did was walk to the Pantheon, an almost 2000 year old Roman temple. First off, I love the Piazzas. So many cool things are situated in little Plazas called Piazzas. Even though there are so many people, it feels cozy.

Piazza del Rotunda.
Sammy in awe of the Oculus.
Planning our next move

Dinner at Il Grano. I am SO tired. Seriously people, everything was funny

Joey is appalled by my putting olive oil and balsamic on a plate to eat with my 6 euro bread. Apparently this is SO not the right thing to do... kinda like when I put soy sauce on my rice in Japan ;)
Sammy enjoying a little wine with dinner
Michael is not sure it is appropriate
Joey's pasta: tubetta with swordfish, olives & sundried tomatoes
Kari's spaghetti carbonara
Sammy's steak and potatoes
The second round of Gelato for the boys... this time they were sharing, but Joey does not share well, never has, probably never will
Joey is happy with his crazy hair and Gelato cone
Rome at night off the via Corso
Trevi Fountain at night... SO CROWDED
And the Spanish Steps at night, right around the corner from our hotel.

I'm loving it here... okay everyone is yelling at me to go get some breakfast. Gotta Run!!!!

p.s. triangle sandwiches are what Sammy calls the sandwiches cut in triangles and packed in triangle shaped plastic containers that we desperately ate in the Amsterdam Airport and then again on the flight from Amsterdam to Rome. Not bad when you are that hungry.


Cole said...

I swear I would have fit into the suitcase!

Betsy said...

Ahh... some day. For now, I will have to experience it through you posts.

Andy said...

Great pics! Keem 'em coming.

I think Sammy's new nickname should be "Oculus".