Saturday, July 11, 2009

A couple things I WILL miss

Well, its no secret that we are heading to Rome and the Mediterranean soon... VERY SOON. Less than 48 hours away actually. So today I was working out in the garden making sure everything will survive and thrive without me for... oh, about 20 days, and thinking--I am really going to miss my garden.

Here's a few reasons why:

Beautiful Hot Pink Zinnias in Pots
Yellow Rose Buds in the Cutting Garden
Delicious Cherry Tomatoes in the Veggie Garden
LOTS of little Cherry Tomatoes in the Veggie Garden
Tomatillos, yum!
Purple Thistle Flowers in the Cutting Garden
Green Plums on our Baby Plum Tree
(just waiting for the day they turn purply red)
Hot Orange Flowers in the Cutting Garden
Friendly Little Hummingbirds That Stop by to Say "Hi" while I am taking pictures of Hot Orange Flowers in Cutting Garden
Betsy's Wedding Bouquet Hydrangeas. If I had to choose a favorite flower, the hydrangea might be it, but who can choose a favorite flower?
I will even miss our unfinished, unplanted garden boxes....
and the beautiful glass garden art I received for my birthday from Tiff and Danny
The Japanese Eggplants with the pretty purple blossoms
Our brand new baby asparagus patch
and all the wonderful Echinacea.
but most of all...

I will miss Lily. We had to drop her off this morning at doggie boarding and although she was happy as a clam, I am so so sad. 
She was a little unsure of what was going on what with all the planning and packing, but I think she figured if she planted herself next to my purse and on my iPhone, that certainly she would not miss the excitement. When we eventually dropped her off at boarding--the same place she goes for doggie daycare--she had no idea today was any different than any other day.
But it is!

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Cole said...

Love the orange freesia! That is one of my favorite garden smells. I'd love to garden sit(if I didn't have to work)!!!!!